The Last Sane Person on Earth


That’s right. As arrogant as it sounds, this author suspects he is the only sane person left in the world. It’s either that, or I’m crazy. Er . . . and please withhold judgement until you have read this article.

The writer’s screwy worldview is as follows: The Jewish G-d is the True and Objective G-d Who created and rules the universe. This G-d made an objective covenant with the Nation of Israel (the Jewish People). And the Torah of this G-d is Absolute Truth.

Call the happy wagon.

Now it is true that many people, both Jews and non-Jews, claim to believe these same things. However, I seem to be the only one to take it seriously and accept its consequences. If there’s anyone else out there who shares my seriousness, please send me a cipher. I’m getting tired of living in this bunker.

Now, just what are the consequences of the aforementioned beliefs? The first is that every human being, Jew and non-Jew, has an obligation, not a "right," to acknowledge, worship, and obey Him. For Jews this means an obligation to obey the Torat-Mosheh. This is the exact opposite of the "sane" world which holds that Jewish observance is something that can only be practiced in an environment of absolute religious subjectivism—that observance of mitzvot by Jews a celebration of one’s particular ethnic heritage or individual autonomy, and is in fact a test-case for people who wish to practice homosexuality, bestiality, incest, pornography, polytheism, devil worship, and so on ad nauseum. When Jews are surrounded by people who believe in Objective Religious Truth (according to popular wisdom) Jews die. They are killed by their "intolerant" neighbors who are so narrow minded and dogmatic that they do not recognize the right of Jews (and everyone else) to assert their autonomy by practicing any religion (or non-religion) they choose. And on the other hand, when Jews live amongst people with no objective standards of Truth or morality, they are free to recite Shema`, study Torah, take up the Four Species, beat their hosha`-na’ bundles, and all the other things that "philo-semitic" liberals have never heard of in their entire lives. Shoot. They are even free to believe that the world was created in Six Days 5762 years ago!

It is because this libertarian subjectivism seems inconsistent with the Objective Truth of HaShem and the Torah that the author knows that he is either crazy or the only sane person on earth. If you sense inconsistency in this also, you have my heartfelt sympathy. Maybe someone will invent a drug to cure the both of us one day.

Let us look even closer at this inconsistent worldview. It is (or soon will be) a prosecutable crime to desecrate a Torah Scroll. Why? Because it is sacriligious or blasphemous? No. That would be unconstitutional. It will be (or is) against the law because it is an act of ethno-cultural "intolerance" based on the regressive Abstract Host Population’s refusal to recognize that there is no such thing as Objective Religious Truth and that therefore Jews have the "right" to assert their "otherness" by observing the Torah. By the same token, it will never be against the law to burn a King James Bible, which contains within its covers a translation of the entire Tana"kh (Hebrew Bible). Why not? Because to forbid the burning of the sacred text of the Abstract Host Population would imply that there is an Objective Religious Truth. Thus, "free speech" demands that the King James Bible be always burnable. But where does "free speech" go when it comes to burning (G-d forbid!) a kosher Torah Scroll? Well, there is no inconsistency whatsoever. You see, the same "free speech" that demands that the sacred text of the Abstract Host Population be burnable also demands that the sacred texts of "guest populations" be respected. Oh, not for religious reasons, of course (that would be unconstitutional), but because the Abstract Host Population is a constant menace to the Guest Populations. Thus, to get the point of "free speech" across, seemingly inconsistent positions must be adopted vis a vis the King James Bible and its Hebrew source. But the whole point of allowing the burning of the KJV while forbidding the burning of the Source is to make sure that the maximum amount of religious subjectivism reigns in the public mind.

Now, if the logic of the above worldview sounds twisted and crazy to you, welcome to the club.

The whole point of believing that HaShem and the Torah are the Absolute Objective Truth is precisely that. HaShem and Torah are True, not multicultural, not ethnic, not something to be "tolerated," but to be acknowledged. This obligation is not only on the Jewish People to whom the Torah was given but through the Sheva` Mitzvot Benei Noach on all mankind as well, for the Noachide Laws must be accepted not because of their apparent rationality but explicitly accepted on the authority of the Torah which HaShem gave to Mosheh and Israel on Mt. Sinai. And this obligation, along with the obligation to reject and destroy all false "gxds" and "revelations," rests not only on the individual but to mankind corporately, ie, on governments and states. And this is the exact opposite, the very antithesis, of the "protection" which multiculturalists want to give the Holy Torah and the Jewish People, for that proffered protection is based precisely on the blasphemous and idolatrous belief that HaShem and Torah are not true but assertions of religious "freedom and diversity," and thus require a denial of Objective Truth in order to survive (tell that to Yehoshua` Bin Nun or Shemu’el HaRo’eh). How can mankind accept the Absolute Truth of the Torah when it has so long been lead to believe that Torah cannot exist in a world in which people believe in the concept of Objective Religious Truth? How can it be made to acknowledge the objective election of Israel when it has come to believe that Israel requires an atmosphere bereft of the very concept of Objective Religious Truth in order to breathe?

And of course, for the past two hundred years—the era of the "enlightenment" and "emancipation"—Jews themselves have more often invoked Thomas Jefferson and the Bill of Rights than HaShem Tzevaqot in arguments with hostile non-Jews. When even the Jews themselves cannot enunciate the Objective Truth of the Torah, why should any non-Jew believe in it? And if there is no Objective Religious Truth, would not Jewish abandonment of the Torah (G-d forbid!) be just as good an illustration of that doctrine as the non-Jew’s "tolerance" of it?

No, there is only one reason to keep the Torah, and that is because it is True and all the other religions are false. And this means that this Objective Truth obliges not only Israel but all mankind, not only the individual but society.

It should be a crime to burn a Seifer Torah. Such an act should be proscribed as an act of sacrilege against the Objectively True G-d and not as a sign of religious subjectivism. Similarly, idolatry, blasphemy, and all the other crimes forbidden by Noachide law should be forbidden and punished by the state in accordance with Noachide Halakhah. No one has a "right" to worship any other "gxd" than HaShem, Yitbarakh Shemo, or to defy Him. And it is only within the context of this Absolute Truth that protecting the Holy Torah by law can not only prevent me`ilah but teach a lesson that is consistent with the Torah worldview. An irreverent "freethinker" who wants to protect Judaism because he believes it is offensive to G-d(!!!) is really committing the ultimate blasphemy, and a blasphemy based on the chr*stian worldview at that.

So, is there anyone else out there who claims to believe in the Torah who sees things this way, who doesn’t base his demand for the "toleration" of Israel and Torah observance on the doctrines of the French Revolution?

Oh . . . I thought not.

Okay. So I’m crazy.

Hey . . . I’m taking medication!